Profiting From Interest Rate Differentials

Currency Carry Trade – Let the Interest Rates do the Work

Carry Trade Success.

Carry Trading Interest Rates Yield Averages and Best Trade by Broker. The table below shows the net interest rate yields on the most liquid currency  · The Best Carry trade Pairs? Trading Discussion. You're way off. Dukascopy offers swap rates fairly close to LIBOR. Like other prime brokers, they offset your position's basis rather than pay interest directly (which I prefer for tax advantages)

Currency Carry Trade Example

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Central banks change the level of the domestic interest rates aiming to achieve long-term financial stability and growth. Trading Foreign Exchange on margin carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors.

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When interest rates decrease, foreign investors are less compelled to go long the currency pair and are more likely to look elsewhere for more profitable opportunities. But do keep in mind that the carry trade does have its own inherent risks which should be minimized using sound position sizing and money management principles.

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