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Vladimir Ribakov, supported by an experienced team of trading professionals, offers the world’s leading FX education courses. Our unique and proprietary approach to Forex education has enabled thousands of traders worldwide, from the complete beginner to the advanced professionals, to enjoy long-term sustained success in A Personal Message from Vladimir Ribakov: Hi fellow traders, After much thought and preparation, I have decided to officially make the transition to a new and improved platform to share all of my forex trading

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Forex Scorpio Code is the latest system developed by professional Forex trader, Vladimir Ribakov. Vladimir has mentored thousands of traders and is the creator of the most widely acclaimed and best-selling, highly profitable and revered trading systems in the

TAC users certainly do get something for their subscriptions, the only question is whether this certain something lives up to the hype generated at the site or not.

Twice every weekday, during US and European trading hours, Vladimir and his crew hold live trading sessions, in which they explain their trade setups and they actually execute trades too. These trading videos are saved and they are stored in the site archives, where members can access them at any time.

In addition to that, Ribakov apparently maintains a YouTube channel, with almost , subscribers, where scores of videos are hosted too. More on that below. In addition to the live trading webinars, Traders Academy Club features a full range of educational material, consisting of guides, trading tools, educational videos and eBooks. Besides the technical analysis-based methods mentioned above, Ribakov and his crew offer a series of algorithmic trading programs, which are said to continuously scan the markets for trading opportunities.

He is cast as an expert trader, with 11 years worth of experience under his belt, who is solely focused on turning his online clients into expert traders. The answer to that is unfortunately not a straight-up yes. While the TAC website points to Forex Peace Army as a source of overwhelmingly positive user feedback, it has to be noted that most of the positive reviews there seem to be written in the same style.

Some of them originate from people with English names, from English-speaking countries, yet they are written in poor and broken English. A number of reviews allege that TAC is in fact a scam. While we are not saying this is indeed the case, these allegations certainly raise a major red flag.

As far as question marks are concerned, there are indeed scores. First of all, the Forex Peace Army feedback points out that the proof provided at tradersacedemyclub. The quality of these signals and trade setups is indeed questioned by some as well. The feedback made available through various channels, among them Facebook , is sometimes so one-sided, it is suspicious. On Facebook, the ratings are all positive, with the exception of one, which also ends up stating that the service is good.

He has around , subscribers, but his videos get very few views. He has year old videos up, which have thus far garnered , views.

If you know YouTube, you know that cannot happen. If you do indeed have , subs, you can post a 5 minute video of you picking your nose, and it will accrue more than 5k views within its first hour. Something definitely does not add up with this channel. As some users have pointed out, Ribakov does not have a myfxbook account to provide proof. All the proof he delivers is served up through his website and screencasts. The explanations Ribakov has provided to negative feedback, generally make a shoddy case, with him bringing up different trades as proof when his counterparts are talking about specific trades.

Also, the site was first registered in May , which makes it not even a year old. Last, but certainly not least, for a mostly charitable service as claimed on the TAC homepage , the operation hands out some extremely high affiliate rewards to those who get people to sign up with them.

Complaints are apparently few and far between in the sea of positive feedback available on TAC, but they do seem to make exceptionally well-founded cases, compared to the mostly empty litany of praises in the positive comments. The people behind these complaints are definitely genuine, knowledgeable and they are certainly on to something.

Many of them allege scam, and they provide proof in the form of manipulated trade results, taken straight from the TAC website. Although the website now only has a placeholder-type homepage, which directs all visitors to TAC, it is apparently where Ribakov performed his activity prior to the launch of the current operation.

In its current state, vladimirmarketsforecast. Here are scenes from the one in Hungary:. Ribakov enjoys holding these global-scale Forex seminars because a great number of his trader followers from all over the world gain the ability to master their trading skills at them.

He claims that he has established the basis of his following through such seminars in fact. This is a key differentiating factor that sets both he and them apart from a number of his competitors. Ribakov also says that he delivers first and foremost signals for Forex, but that he also gives out signals on the various precious metals commodities and even the major stock market indices of the globe as well.

Vladimir Ribakov is indeed presently offering around five different Forex programs and systems. Yet none of these are the same. His flagship system Vladimir Forex Signals is a Forex generating signals as well as a mentoring club. His Divergence University he calls the ultimate Forex trading and educating home study course. Vladimir Ribakov has a real passion for teaching and mentoring his followers. This stems from the fact that there was no one available to help mentor and coach him when he got his start in the exciting but perilous world of Foreign Exchange Trading.

You can see these two impressive awards pictured below:. In the next section we will consider the various Forex newsletters and informational blogs, successful current Forex trading and mentoring system, Forex software programs, and Forex trading university home study course from this giant in the world of Forex education, trading, and forecasting— Vladimir Ribakov.

Vladimir Ribakov has a range of products that run the gamut from signal-generating and mentoring systems, to software program packages, to newsletters and informational blogs, to an educational Forex university-styled study program. His programs are also unique in that he is willing to give away most of them for free thanks to a generous Forex broker sponsorship arrangement he has worked out with some Forex brokers.

This means at least for now, it only costs you the price of opening up and funding a Forex brokerage account which you would have to do to trade in any case in order to have the free use of very high quality Forex signal- and trade-generating software from one of the leading names in the entire industry Vladimir Ribakov. Your Forex guru is giving away free subscriptions to his email-based newsletter only in exchange for filling in a short online form that includes your email address.

Vladimir provides you with this free membership access to his:. Ribakov also runs his own Forex informational blog on which he reveals his own unique trading insights regularly. There are also bonus sections including:. Among these are the helpful three daily reports on each of the Forex sessions in Europe, North America, and Asia. The Skype groups that Vladimir practically patented combines different members all interacting with the guru directly on an everyday basis.

Vladimir has a new software program he is promoting called the Forex Crystal Ball. It is based upon two components. It offers you all of these benefits and features:. This software program delivers a few outstanding features, courtesy of Vladimir Ribakov.

The system comes with all of the following:. Vladimir Ribakov Review Vladimir Ribakov is one of those rare gurus in the world of Forex prediction, software, and education who tries and mostly succeeds at being all things to all people.

Vladimir Ribakov Introduction Vladimir Ribakov counts more than 12 years trading experience in the world of Forex. Vladimir Ribakov On Forex Trading Vladimir Ribakov believes in meticulous record keeping of trades and relying almost entirely on charts.

What is Forex Scorpio Code? Is it a Scam?

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This is just a single, simple strategy based on convergence and divergence.

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