Relative Weakness Momentum Strategy – Bearish Momentum

Using Relative Strength and Tactical Rotation with ETFs

Comprender el indicador RSI.

Es un sistema de trading con RSI de 4 sesiones RSI(4) que ha demostrado tener una alta tasa de acierto con los 10 ETF testeados por los autores. La estrategia de acortar el periodo de cálculo del RSI (la configuración clásica del RSI es de 14 periodos) provoca que sea este indicador sea más sensible. The relative strength index or RSI is an incredibly powerful indicator, arguably one of the most powerful currently available to traders. Originally published by Welles Wilder in , the RSI is a momentum oscillator that measures a stock or ETF’s overall gains against its losses throughout recent trading activity.

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rows · The RSI will often rank an ETF highly even though it has a terrible chart .

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You can choose multiple ETFs and save them to a portfolio and view this for any day you would like, including the current day.

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If you would like to learn more on how to scale into ETFs, you can do so by clicking here. Likewise, when RSI turns lower, it implies that selling pressures are the dominant force for the time being.

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