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Download: osef-team-fr.tk4 Download: osef-team-fr.tk4 Developed by Wilder, ATR gives Forex traders a feel of what the historical volatility was in order to prepare for trading in the actual market. Renko chart Forex strategies,directory of the reko Forex Strategies.

1. Don't Mix Fibonacci Reference Points

This is a very popular Intraday Open High Low Strategy with pretty good Accuracy. In this strategy, Buy signal is generated when a Stock or Index has same value for Open and Low, while Sell signal is generated when it has same value for Open and High.

Markets are likely to continue to rally today on the strength of the U. The major indices had a good day, despite the 10YR finishing at 3. At the close, the DJIA added 0. September 20, Forecast FX Empire A sustained move over will indicate the presence of buyers. Taking out and sustaining a rally over will indicate the buying is getting stronger. A sustained move over this angle could generate the upside momentum needed to challenge the Weekly Chart Indicates Weakness to if The Dow Jones Industrial Average finished higher Nike's shares were down 2.

Combine few other rules eg. One query when we see the sheet at 9. Can we enter at the CMP irrespective of the price movement or what to do?

Yes, the idea is to buy above the recommended price, and short below it. So you can enter at CMP. It happens for very few stocks though.

Please correct me if I am wrong. After some time the signal was disappeared. Is there any particular reason for this? If Open and High value for Nifty is and it goes down after Open. Then the Excel sheet will show Short signal. Now, if at some point of the day Nifty makes a new high, say , the Short signal will disappear. I hope this clarifies. This looks a great strategy. How one should trade this using intraday time frames. Any method you suggest? Just crossing price may lead to whipsaw. Should we wait for 5 minute candle close above buy price if looking for long?

Any such method will help? Yes, you can wait for the next candle close to avoid whipsaws. Please refer the link below for more details on entry and exit: Yes, the price is of the underlying. And this strategy should be traded based on the equity price, not futures. I agree that the prices crossed recommended price at 9: However, in the long run it would always be profitable to enter at half an hour or 45 minutes of market open. The reason is that the market sheds off any fake volatility in first half an hour.

Sir o think I excel sheet signal should not change after half an hour as per the strategy. Am I correct if not please let me know. I am interested in Intraday equity Cash trading, which is the link to download the amibroker trading system, the link shown in this site cannot be downloadable. Order must be triggered automatically thru my sharekhan trade tiger terminal with advance option via excel for following Call option only. I had tried above but when re-open my excel file the vba macro running is not working as data update issue in excel and i need some strong person who is very good in excel vba macro as i am still new in vb macro Ph Paresh Patel.

I can share my excel sheet with stocks and future together with index and lot size pivot support resistance level Ph Paresh Patel. Excel sheet that you have shared above is only having Nifty 50 stocks. Does it precisely mean to start trade at 9. Entry in trade is to be done at 9. You can also take positions before that if you are comfortable and there are other indicators confirming the trend.

That is why we have added them. Below sheet contains only Nifty50 but it is a local copy of excel sheet: Admin, if you have clear cut buy sell price, sl for only nifty50 stocks excel sheet and it gets live updated in market hours please share here. Above link is different. Only robot can do it.

Probably Ambanis only can do it. I need sure shot 5 scrips priced less than with 0. You can definitely filter your favorite stocks from the list. We have provided the whole list since everyone has different criteria to select their favorite stocks.

Does you buy or sell signal suddenly disappears or changes from buy to sell or sell to buy as the price changes? In that case what to do please? So its recommended to take position only withing first 45 mins of trading day. If the signal disappear after that you should immediately exit your positions. What is the correct time to trade from buy sell signal from this I am unable to make.

Preopen is from 9. War starts from 9. Signals appear then disappear then appear. I did not count. Uncountable number scrips are there. If you start scrolling down, you have to go on scrolling down. At the end of the day if you see, all signals are in profit whether buy or sell.

Actually I wanted to meet a successful trader using this. Yes, we agree that signals can appear and then disappear if the high crosses open after giving a sell signal, or Low crosses open after giving Sell signal. You should exit your position when that happens. Trade should only be taken within 45 mins of day start.

However its has a pretty good risk reward ratio. Please let us know if you have any more questions. I have many questions to ask you. I already lost 1. Can you send me your phone number by mail please? My question to you is why do not you call all the persons like me in one place and trade under your mentorship from there? Rajib Gupta here atleast scrips are there.

What signal is coming and what not at which second one can not understand. This is not enough for you? Why you are not asking for all call options and put options also with commodity? Means you want whole share market to come here? Better you go to sharekhan trade tiger no? How much money do you have to trade? Your type of time pass made this list big.

Buy sell signals in only 5 scrips are more than enough. Why do not you sit in front Zee tv 24 hrs? Unlimited 24 hrs free tips are going on there? You are thinking that entertainment is going on here. Sand all Bollywood songs and you are demanding sing Gazhals also no please like that. Do you know what is meant by daytrading? I am trying to convince them to give buy sell signals in only 5 liquid volatile stocks and you want this to become Economics Times news paper.

To trade this list you need staff, computers or robot and crore cap. If you had you would not have come here. Got up in the morning and telling sing song of Mukesh also no. Kishor Kumar is not enough for you? Somebody else will come and tell sing Michel Jackson also. It is free no?

Tomorrow Math exam is there boy. This input is very good. But if you want to trade from this for profit how will you trade. Second man to type very fast in his pc in excel name of scrip buy or sell order, buy or sell price. He will continuously update his sheet as per feed back from earlier man.

Second man will give feeding to third man who will do calculation in excel in laptop. Buy or sell price. Capital plus margin from broker divided by buy or sell price. Yes I can trade these many number of shares today. Fourth man will place order in brokers trading platform. After execution put stop stop loss. Fifth man will watch in live chart. He will see if price is going in favour or not. He will tell fourth man when to exit from which scrip.

Minimum 6 persons 6 laptop with high speed net are needed apart from capital. Manually one man one laptop? Minimum 6 like minded very sharp and very quick traders who are really interested in doing full time and life time business from this must come in one place with individual capital. Then it can become best business. By seeing this chart if you trade in the money options of those particular scrips with trailing stop loss you can earn huge money on daily basis.

If you try to trade alone you always top scrips are always in loss. And if you trade the first ones and loss for continuous 5 days all your capital goes in gutter. HI sir , i want to know that this excel sheet which you have published how it works. How many times in a day it gives buy sell signals. Does it give signals only once after 15 min of market open or it continues to give signal whole day. Plz also tell me this excel sheet i need to download once or daily new file needs to be downloaded.

What is the rule to enter in the position. Plz guide me sir, i am very glad to know about your excel sheet trading system. We are glad that you liked this system. That is the reason we suggest to take trades within mins of market open, and if the signal disappear after taking the trade then you should immediately exit. You need not to download this excel sheet at all as its completely online and gets updated in daily basis. Please read the other queries posted in this page for complete clarification.

I also want to read the answer. First of all …Lets understand one simple fact that Admin is trying hard to simplify trading and that too FREE of cost by putting his time and energy…. Hello Nial, spent this wknd reading here.. I believe with your mentoring I will achieve my goals.. Thank you in advance! Thank you somuch for inspiring us….

I am so grateful to you giving me valid information which will help me. Thank you……i have read your chart example of pin bar, fake pinbar n hidden pinbar…….. Hi Nail, Thanks for all your valuable information you are sharing with traders. But i have seen these forms of pin bars, inside pin bars, … in the history of charts for different time frames without this form of moving and during 5 years of trading i could not use them as you have mentioned above.

Even i have written all the important necessary shape, forms, … and follow step to step and 1 out of 10 times they were accurate. How can you explain these problems? I have learn this put up and if I could I desire to couunsel you ssome interesting issues or suggestions.

Maybe you can write subsequent articles referring to this article. I want to learn even more things about it! Thank you so much sir nial fuller this is so clear I will stick to these setup I really want to be a successful trader one day, thanks once again. This is a very interesting lesson. Thank you for this article.

Presumably you look for the momentum switch or pin bar on the daily chart and place your trade on the 4hr? Also, what determines your target? Is it the next two candle cluster on the daily chart from where you have entered? Also, what determines your STOP loss.

Is this above or below the fractal closest to live price on the 4hr chart? Thank you and look forward to learning from you how to trade profitable.

Hi Fuller, I am impressed by your lessons. I will tell more but for now. Brilliant simplicity through the pages. I would love to master all of this. I will try to master some of it. Nial…Nial, its a blessing for me to have stumbled upon your website. You are a truly genuine forex master. Thank you so much for your guidance.

Just yesterday I tried to follow your price action method on a daily chart.. Thank you my dear friend and officially you are my long searched Mentor. Thanks for the straight forward approach. I over analyze way too often The average teacher explains complexity; the gifted teacher reveals simplicity.

Hi Nial, Thanks thanks thanks thanks… I never knew that price action is the best thing after…. Excellently written and explained. A lot to take in and needs to be read time and again to understand the nitty gritty in each mother bar and pin bar. You have reiterated my belief that trading is not about luck ; its about putting in the long yards and then earning some money. I test your set ups and tips directly after I read them and its amazing how good they actually work.

You have the gift of explaining forex in a simple and direct way AND you are willing to share your knowledge. Thats just awesome man. Thank you very much, I will keep an close eye on your website, so much more to discover… George. Nial I just want to appreciate you for all this your wonderful free lesson given to people including myself, may God continue to bless you and your family in Jesus name.

I will pleasure to hear indonesian language from you. Btw thanks a lot. Thanks a lot Nial, real eye opener. Im fairly new in trading, scared to even do trades in my demo account, i really am trying to make sense of everything. Please advise on what do i look at when setting my levels resistance and support and trendlines when a trend is either going up or down.

You can read a tutorial on drawing support and resistance levels here — http: Good day Nial Fuller, Love your way doing forex. Like to master price action trading. Will study more with your guidance. Been asking myself a lot of questions. I really want to learn alot from you. Expand more on the inside bars.

Nial, one should look around first before jumping. I wish I come across your article sooner. Greatly appreciate them, straightforward, informative and create a healthy appetite to learn. Your information has helped me tremendously.

Inside Bar pattern is surely nice, but how do we know which way the price is going to move after it? Thank you so much for your lessons , explanations … kindness …for all of forex traders. I am very beginner and start my first demo account on April , I am now on real account with volume size 0. I try to find explanations of forex trading and I never find one as excellent as yours. I really appreciate and I read and read again and again.

Wish you all success and happiness. I am new here,am still need more learning your technical. Thank you for your lesson. Have a good weekend Nial. Hello Nial ,you are my role model ,you transform me to a successful fx trader using ur pin bar, inside bar, and fakey strategy plus the daily chart which gave me plenty pips coming across ur site is a blessing to me.

God Bless you and your family very soon i will join ur community. Hi Nial,as mentioned pin bars,inside bars and fakey is good for daily time frame.

Can it still good for 4hr and 1hr time frame. You are super simple and effective coach. You have helped me out of the confusion again! This is quintessence of Price Action.

The price tell us all about yourself on charts we only have to learn read these messages! You are really the Best.

Dear Nial Is it possible to see pin bars, inside bars and fakey at the same time in the chart? If yes, how often this happen and what is your interpretation for that?

For the Fakey set up, what would be the maximum number of inside bar between the mother candle and the final fakey candle that you d consider? Seems like 4 inside bars is already a lot, what do you think? If there is 4 or more inside bars as part of the fakey pattern is can be very powerful if the market is trending or if the market is at a major level, but if the market is choppy then it might just continue that sideways grind and the inside bars are less significant.

Filter each pattern on a case by case basis and discretion would be applied. Thank you so much Nial , it is very informative and I learned a lot … I will use everything you teach … God bless ….

I said it once and I will say it again. Nial… you have the magic to make it happen, everything looks so easy after you explain the way it works. Thanks for your knowledge and for sharing it with us. Thank you so much. Thank you so much for this article. It has indeed helped me to weep away the fear of complicated market chart due to congestion of multi-indicators. I feel relieved and ready to work on myself using these strategies you have opened my eyes to.

Thank you and hope to get more information from you that will keep me super-charge in this career. Nial—I was preparing a talk to a local Houston Investment Group last week, outlining my evolution as a trader over the last 5 years…As I prepared it, my theme became apparent…I had gradually over time eliminated all but a few key indicators and had become a scrupulous observer of price movement and action.

Slowly over time I have become better at reading the story being told by the candle charts…seeking a good definition of what it was I was doing led me to various sites and then there it was…a whole system based on Price Action and tons of material by Nial Fuller…since my talk I have been to your various sites and love your material…I look forward to immersing myself further in the insightful writings and courses you have put together….

NIAL through your i take mine demo account from dollars to dollars in one month: Hi Nail, I will always follow your trading style it is really profitable, but you need only a patience, for your trading being consistency. I salute you Mr, you are a man of GOD. Your website is awesome, I have been doing Forex for many years but because of finding the right info, I put it aside but sometimes I like to read all about strategies.

Signed up for your newsletter, downloaded the NY 5-day charts from Axitrader and I am looking forward to purchase your price action course. I am a technical analysis guy and love to trade off the charts. Because of your pinbar strategy I understand the candlestick a lot better. Price action is where the real money is. Loved your crocodile article. Nial,You have changed lives here in Kenya as echoed by Mr Kimotho. Your illustrations are so informative that I wonder why traders waste their times in other trading methods.

Thanks Nial for the simple yet powerful explanation of these three trading setups. I think this is all I need for now to trade successfully in Forex. Thanks a million times, pal. I have been an indicator addict…. C c c thanks I know I can pick up again with ur price action so simple….

Makes me thirsty for knowledge. So bad I can not ever now afford this course: Blessed are those who have the money for the course. Great stuff I am glad I opened your page. Keep up with the great work you are diferent and you will make the diference. Hi Nial, your article always inspirational, have to leave a remark to say thanks! You are the best one! Your articles are just super.

You describe in a very pointed manner using just a few words how to spot good setups. However, Nial forgets to mention one can have lots of whipsaws on the daily too! I have traded for some time, but still had a couple of questions. Then I found this website and I got answers to my questions.

I have allready improved my trading skills. Nial, having discovered your site. I have to start caling you Sir Nial, thank you for the heads up, simple and clear. I have learnt a lot knowledges in this wed. I hope I will find many price action trading. I like this wed so much. Am very thankful that come across this site and be a student of yours.

How-much-more if I sit and learn from your workshop. Please let me know if I can see you. The strategies that you have shared look great but just wondering how am i going to monitor the pattern formation since it is suitable to trade in a longer timeframe? It seems i have to sit in front of the computer for the whole day or even few days just to wait for it to form or else most of the times i will miss out the trade opportunities.

I am reading this article the third time round. Sometimes I can see an inside bar but where the tail of the inside candles protrudes a little outside the mother bar. My question is should i still consider this an inside bar or its not? Hi Niall i have only been trading for a couple of months ,but have spent a lot of time scouring the net for different courses and mentors and your site tops the bill for me. I will get membership down the road when things pick up so for now i will just follow your lead Regards Billy.

Thanks for sharing all of your articles and your experiences in the forex market. Ur price action renforces my whole idea trading fx using price action. Thank you very much for your great articles. I have a question. Are inside bar and harami different? Is this inside bar??? Great feeling knowing you have an experienced captan-mentor and a crew nearby that has your same intersts and speaks your same language. No more solidary sailing! Really feeling the need for a course workbook with related problems and answers so that we can test and check ourselves on our progress.

Is that a future possibility? If so, I would like to be on your development and feedback team. Thank you for your clear explanations throughout your web-site. I have just joined and eagerly await patiently!

Nial, thank you again for your generousity in sharing this info…I am counting the days to buy your course and see what else you have to say: Nail, Your work is very inspiring and revealing.

Reading and listening to those videos marked a turning point in my trading life. Thanks for giving it back to the society. Besides, can you redefind in-side bar? Is the thread of the of the candle considered also or is it only the body?

This clearification will help a lot. Is that further validation of a feasible trade? Thanks for these excellent tips. Great material, Nial, Been trading for 6 months and lost a bunch of money. I did the fakey set up and let the trade run. Will see ya soon…. Sorry guys, just saw this beautiful article, and am ever so glad that i did. Easy to understand, the challenge is for me to apply them.

I re-read your articles to get a clear picture of price action setups. Thank u v much for your sincerity in helping beginners. Hi Nial, Brilliant as per usual! I committed before that i will sign up for your course and attest to that promise here again. But I want to ask how to distinguish a pattern is formed an inside bar or a fakey setup, because fakey setup also begins with the inside bar.

There are 2 setups, Inside bar setups and fakey setups. Email me fore more info on that. I really like how you analyze the market.

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